AlgoViz Project has Closed

We regret to announce that the AlgoViz Project site has now officially closed. We have been running the site for a number of years after the project funding ran out, but that meant that we were unable to do maintainence. Eventually we reached the point where our version of Drupal was too obsolete to keep running due to the security risk.

In the years since the AlgoViz Project begain (2006), a lot has changed in the Algorithm Vizualization world. In 2006, the vast majority of active AV development was in the form of Java Applets, with most of the rest being Java applications meant to be run locally. As of this writing (2018), Java Applets are no longer viable, and desktop versions of the software are not as attractive. Most AV development has now turned to HTML5/JavaScript.

We learned a lot from our experiences with AlgoViz, and this knowledge lead directly to the OpenDSA project. If you are looking for Algorithm Visualizations, we highly recommend that you visit us at